Polaresident Collaboration
Watchmaker MARUZEKI has teamed up with wildlife-inspired art collective POLARESIDENT to craft a unique timepiece that lets you 'wear art' on your wrist.

So that they don't disappear from the earth.

The planet Earth is not just meant for humans; it is a stunning world with a diversity of life forms.

We tend to focus on things that are directly connected to our lives.

However, the changes in the oceans and climate of the Arctic and Antarctic are having various impacts on both our lives and the planet.


Please don't forget that the far-off polar regions and the places where we humans live are linked by the sky and the sea.


Polar bears, reigning at the top of the Arctic ecosystem

Penguins, tirelessly raising their chicks in Antarctica


They can survive precisely because there is ice in the sea. These watches are inspired by the magnificent, beautiful way of life of the wild animals. It was created to help us feel a deeper connection with their challenging yet inspiring existence.


Amid our busy daily lives, I hope that when you casually glance at this 'watch', you can feel the presence of the animals living in the distant polar regions.


The ice disintegrating at the feet of the polar bears and penguins represents the icy lands that are being lost due to global warming.


Graphic design is used to symbolically express the theme of polar bears and penguins protected by "ice" through their respective icons.


The strap is made of silicon and fits the wrist with a gentle touch.

The unisex design can be worn by both men and women.


It is a brand developed by wildlife photographer Emi Nakamura and her brother Akira Nakamura, a graphic designer.

The name of the message watch, 'POLARESIDENT', is derived from the words 'POLAR', for the polar regions and 'RESIDENT', for the residents of the Earth.

Furthermore, the logo design incorporates the initials 'E' from wildlife photographer Emi Nakamura and 'A' from designer Akira Nakamura into a round logo, symbolizing the Earth, to express a wish for peace for all living beings on the planet.


Emi Nakamura is a wildlife photographer who has been capturing images of wild animals and their natural habitats for 25 years. She started in 1998 and has been dedicated to her craft ever since. The expressive and vibrant creatures she observes, and the landscapes that seem to witness life's breath, have been widely adored around Japan. She has continued engaging in various activities throughout the country.

In 2016, "RING OF LIFE" was held at Roppongi Fuji Film Square with the theme of animals living at the North and South Poles. Receiving a lot of responses, she later conducted a national tour of eight exhibitions and released her first photobook, “RING OF LIFE”. 'Sanctuary', held in 2021, featured photos she had taken around the world, captivating many fans.

Apart from receiving recognition through contests and magazine features, she also holds exhibitions in hospitals and welfare facilities, and conducts talks at events held by environmental and animal protection organizations.


At the same time as he progressed in his studies, he began to take interest in design and art. After graduating high school, he moved to the United States to study art and design.

After returning home, he embarked on a career as a graphic designer. Alongside this, he captures images of nature and animals, creatively blending these photographs into his collages and graphic designs.

He won the grand prize in the 'One Planet Lifestyle' T-shirt design contest held by WWF JAPAN (World Wide Fund for Nature) in 2012, beating out entries from all over the world. He doesn't limit himself to being a graphic designer, but also works broadly as a fine art photographer and artist.

Brand POLAR BEAR & PENGUIN Message watch
Model LVB144S1 PENGUIN model
Case material Stainless steel
Case size (Approx.) 38 mm long, 38 mm wide, and 9 mm thick
Band material Silicon
Band size (Approx.) width 18 mm
Wrist size (Approx.) 12 cm to 23 cm
Movement Swipe movement (Japanese quartz)
Glass Mineral glass Water Resistance For normal everyday use only
Country of Origin Japan Warranty period 1 year