Wear the traditional beauty of Japan.
Blending weaving and jacquard techniques, this watch merges traditional allure with innovative design.
Inspired by antique music boxes with delicate cat feet, it encapsulates nostalgia.
The carefully crafted timepiece showcases the rich texture of hand-woven fabric, adding warmth to everyday wear.
Textile design: SOLID
The intricate weave pattern of this wristwatch showcases a meticulously organized plain weave. It boasts a supple and textured surface that exudes a sense of sophistication.
Textile design: LINE DOT
Delicately woven line dots, created with fine white threads, form a regular pattern that intertwines, resulting in a captivating three-dimensional effect. The captivating TANGO BLUE hue, inspired by the serene sea of Tango in Kyoto, adds a deep and luxurious touch to the watch's overall design.
Textile design: SOLID
The interplay of shadows from the three-dimensional effect, combined with the presence of black warp threads, lends an air of elegance and refinement to this exceptional timepiece.

Introducing the 'Lov-in Bouquet Kyoto Tango Jacquard Watch' featuring a band made from the 300-year-old traditional 'Tango Chirimen' from Kyoto.

In an era with numerous ways to tell time, we aim to create a watch that resonates with those who appreciate Japanese craftsmanship and tradition. By incorporating Tango Chirimen into daily wear, we strive to enrich lives and preserve this technique for future generations.


By incorporating Tango Chirimen into daily wear, we strive to enrich lives and preserve this technique for future generations.


The intertwined weave of silk used in this collection is the finest textile used for kimono fabrics such as "Ro" "Sha" and "Ra". Due to its intricate and delicate structure where the warp threads intersect, it is considered extremely challenging to weave using mechanical methods.

The soft luster and texture of Tango Jacquard, created through the combination of human sensibility and handcraftsmanship, evoke a sense of serendipity.


We revitalized a 40-year-old discarded handloom. By uniquely altering its width, length, and height and merging it with a modern machine loom, we created a unique hybrid.

This innovation blends traditional craftsmanship with modern efficiency, preserving the artistry and unique texture of handiwork for future generations.


The windscreen is not a flat surface; it utilizes a round-shaped crystal glass with cut sides. Along with the line stones on the crown, it shines like a subtle piece of jewelry while maintaining durability.

It is the Japanese 2 hands movement with small second.

Brand Lov-in Bouquet Kyoto Tango Jacquard Watch
Color LVB141G1: Solid & Gold
LVB141S1: Line dot & TANGO Blue
LVB141G2: Solid & Charcoal Gray
Case material Stainless Steel (Charcoal Gray / Gold models: IP Gold)
Case size H36mm x L20mm / Thickness 9mm
Strap material Tango Jacquard weave (100% silk) / Lining: Cowhide leather
Strap size Width 14mm / Arm circumference: 12cm~23cm
Movement Japan made 2-hand small second
Windshield Crystal glass Water resistance Daily life waterproof (3ATM)
Country of origin Japan made 2-hand small second Warranty period 1 year